Jewish Monthly Tea Experience – Individual Month


Enjoy this Hebrew month with a new moon delivery of  herbal caffeine-free tea and a gathering guide. Each package includes 20 servings of loose-leaf organic / wildcrafted herbal tea, a reusable steeping bag, and a gathering guide full of immersive activities and teachings that deepen your connection to the herbs and the wisdom of each month. Great for sipping on your own or for sharing with friends, family, and learning groups.


Join the Jewish Monthly Tea Experience!

Enjoy a month in the Hebrew year with a custom organic or wildcrafted herbal blend, a loose-leaf tea steeping bag, and a booklet of teachings and immersive activities that deepen your connection to the wisdom of each month. Great for individuals and groups, and for gathering in-person or virtually.

Each herbal blend embodies the energies and teachings of the month. Each delivery contains 20 servings of organic or wildcrafted loose leaf herbs, so there’s plenty of goodness for you to share or enjoy on your own. Your monthly delivery also includes a Monthly Teaching by herbalist Chelsea Taxman that explains each herb and its connection to the healing properties, seasonal changes, associated body parts, and intrinsic wisdom of the Hebrew month. Along with the teaching, and beautifully hand-illustrated drawings of each herb, you’ll receive a Gathering Guide with activities, movements, songs, and prompts for each month/blend, to help you throw the perfect in-person or virtual tea party!

Tea blends are Organic or Wildcrafted certified, pesticide-free, caffeine-free, sustainable and come in compostable packaging.

Blends are prepared in a facility that processes tree nuts and peanuts.

Shipping included. Product only available in continental USA.

Supporting Indigenous People and the Planet

One of our offices, as well as our workshop and shipping station, are located on Nisqually land. In recognition of the native peoples that cultivate and protect this place and their ancestors, and working in partnership with the Nisqually Indian Tribe, the Nisqually Land Trust has been working to protect and improve the water, wildlife, and people of the Nisqually River Watershed for the past thirty years. We are happy to be able to give a portion of all profits from the Jewish Monthly Tea Experience to the Nisqually Land Trust.

What people are saying…

“It’s delicious tea and the packaging and booklet are gorgeous!”
– Leah Koenig, author of The Jewish Cookbook.

“Such a lovely gift that is well needed at the moment. Teas and tisanes are some of my favorite things especially when I need calm.”
– Michael Twitty, author of The Cooking Gene.

“Literally this is the best Jewish product happening, omg OBSESSED.”
– Simcha, @gentle_jew

“I never thought about Tea being Jewish and it gave me one more food item to say, ‘hey this has Jewish context’! ”

“I think that it allowed us all to take a collective moment to just take a breath.  Tea just means you should be taking a moment to smell the tea not coffee. (steeping also requires patience).  I am very big on using my other senses to relax and the smell of the different tea ingredients is perfect for that as well.”

Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 3 in

Tishrei (Sept – Oct), Cheshvan (Oct – Nov), Kislev (Nov – Dec), Tevet (Dec – Jan), Shvat (Jan – Feb), Adar (Feb – March), Nisan (March – April), Iyar (April – May), Sivan (May – June), Tammuz (June – July), Av (July – Aug), Elul (Aug – Sept)

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