Moishe House

Moishe House is a global leader in peer-led Jewish young adult engagement with thousands of young Jews experiencing innovative, engaging, exciting Jewish programming every year. Moishe House Jewish Learning Retreats are transformative experiences that train MH residents, hosts and new members of the community.

Moishe House ordered copies of The Jewish Planner for all participants at the retreat “The Spiritual Architect: The Sukkah as an Art Form” and invited  our co-founder Amanda to facilitate learning programs on the Hebrew calendar, connection to nature through art, and mindful eating with the four species of Sukkot, reimagined for the Appalachian region.

We’ve now turned the calendar learning program into a kit you will soon be able to purchase and use on your own!

Mo and Amanda are featured Jewish educators for MH Peer Led Retreats. And, because The Jewish Planner is a useful tool for learning about the Hebrew Calendar and we offer discounts for group purchases, it has been used as a teaching tool at many retreats.

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