Mission & Values

We are committed to making the world a better place through the work we do.

We provide amazing products to our customers that fulfill a need in our community for high quality, interactive learning tools that connect us to our wisdom tradition in a way that is approachable, relevant, and inspiring. Our goal is to make learning tools for educators that make their lives easier, so their work can be more impactful. And we strive to make products that don’t require educators or facilitators, so that people can connect to Jewish wisdom and tradition, no matter where they are or who they’re with.

The design for each product we publish is crafted carefully and intentionally with sustainability in mind, from our decision on sourcing materials, to how we think about packaging and shipping.

We believe in the concept of Hiddur Mitzvah, that beautiful objects are more likely to be treated with care, not abandoned or left in a landfill. This concept drives much of our decision-making process as we view each product we create to be a sacred object. 

We are excited to be supporting non-profit organizations that are in line with our values! We’ve matched one organization with each of our products and will contribute a portion of profits to them.

The Jewish Planner + The Savory Institute

We realize that through producing and shipping a paper product, we are contributing to environmental degradation in the world. That is why, as a mission-driven organization, in addition to the litter tax we pay in Washington state for our paper product, we will now be giving a portion of all profits from sales of The Jewish Planner to the Savory Institute. Holistic solutions that work with local communities to teach farmers how to manage land in order to rebuild our soils are the best hope we have for a sustainable future. 

The Jewish Monthly Tea Experience + Nisqually Land Trust

One of our offices, as well as our workshop and shipping station, are located on Nisqually land. In recognition of the native peoples and their ancestors that cultivate and protect this place, and in partnership with the Nisqually Indian Tribe, the Nisqually Land Trust has been working to protect and improve the water, wildlife, and people of the Nisqually River Watershed for the past thirty years. We are happy to be able to give a portion of all profits from the Jewish Monthly Tea Experience to the Nisqually Land Trust.

The Omer Workbook  + Trans Lifeline

Our rainbow-themed workbook helps cultivate more self-awareness and self-love. It highlights individuality, creativity, and spiritual connection. Trans Lifeline is an organization that upholds these same values in their work serving the trans community. We are supporting the efforts Trans Lifeline’s peer-led mental health and other services for the trans community, by giving them a portion of all profits from The Omer Workbook.

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